ModuResources hosts BOP and Well Control Equipment webinar


ModuResources organized a webinar inviting over 90 participants from the drilling industry to discuss BOP & Well Control Equipment related challenges. With representatives from both major operators and drilling contractors, the webinar was well received!

The webinar covered:
•    Preserving WCE and Stacking
•    API STD 53 Testing
•    API Spec 16A Requirements
•    API STD 16AR – Repair and Re-manufacture

After the webinar, the presentation and further (technical) info sheets were made available to the participants.

The webinar recording is available on youtube:

Feedback from participants:

  • YPF Argentina: “Thank you very much for your presentation, Pat, Dominik, Wayne and Steve, the seminar was very clear. In Argentina these trainings and inductions are very necessary. 
  • Repsol: Thanks for the webinar.  Another good session! Appreciate if we could share the recording for our colleagues internally
  • Shell: Excellent presentation – grateful if you could share with us
  • LukOil: We enjoyed the presentation and q/a session - Looking forward to attending your courses one day sometime!
  • MOL Group: A very insightful webinar - much appreciated!