About us

ModuResources is committed to support the drilling industry to ensure safe operations and improve drilling performance.

The ModuResources Group of companies provides a combination of in-depth rig-technology services coupled with operator-minded services to put the rig in the context of well operations.

Established by the former management team of ModuSpec (known for its high quality independent rig inspection services) and strengthened by companies such as Horizon Resources, WellSpec, the Well Academy and Welltrain (now part of Well Academy), the ModuResources group of companies have a long history and broad experience globally in:

  • Rig inspections (both on- and offshore)
  • Commissioning of newbuild rigs
  • Project management and rig-reactivation
  • Well intervention third-party inspections & consultancy
  • Well engineering & Consultancy
  • Well examination and optimization
  • Well control training

ModuResources offices around the globe with main hubs in Singapore, Australia, the USA, the Netherlands, and Oman enable global reach but still ensure local service provision to all Oil & Gas operating companies, drilling contractors and service companies in the field of drilling & wells.

Enjoy the journey - we're here to stay!