Rig & Equipment Inspections

Rig Inspection

ModuResources management are the founding fathers and brains behind the creation of Independent Rig Inspection Services with tens of thousands of inspections conducted and managed world wide. Their valuable experience and insight are key to the new style rig inspection systems developed by ModuResources. ModuResources employs a client specific independently managed inspection programme to create client objective specific inspection tools. This interactive tool can be downloaded for easy reference, progress checks, daily reports, and an objective oriented survey on completion of the inspection.

Rig & Equipment Inspections

Reactivation and New Build Rig Acceptance Inspection

An extensive upgrade project, the reactivation of a rig that has been idle, or a new build drilling rig each requires different types of acceptance testing. Ensuring not only that the equipment is in safe and reliable operating condition but that every component functions as it was designed to and meets operator expectations for the intended drilling programme.

Rig & Equipment Inspections

BOP and well control equipment

BOP and well control equipment are among the most important safety equipment and systems on board a drilling rig and must be tested to 100% reliability. ModuResources have the experts to independently verify as well as advise and help trouble shoot your equipment.

Inspection Services

  • Rig full condition survey.
  • Hazardous area and equipment surveys.
  • Commissioning monitoring, traceability and acceptance.
  • BOP and control system acceptance for wells.
  • Reactivation and acceptance testing.
Rig & Equipment Inspections