Albuquerque, USA

Murchison Drilling Schools is the leader for training in drilling operations and well control (drilling and workover; IWCF & IADC WellSharp). Our well control training is one of the best in the industry, focusing on competency, not just certification. We provide more simulator time than any other well control school. Our instructors are engineers with field experience who are committed to passing on their knowledge and experience to advance individual careers and contribute to the industry at large. They are certified instructors with the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) and with the International Well Control Forum (IWCF).


MDS specializes in training in drilling operations and well control. The ten-day ODT teaches drilling foremen to supervise drilling operations. The five-day Practical Drilling Technology course helps equip drilling personnel with the technical tools needed to become effective supervisors. The five-day Advanced Drilling Technology helps drillers and toolpushers learn to supervise drilling operations. The two-day Floater Operation Transitions course helps experienced surface personnel transition to floating drilling operations. The well control courses that MDS offers gives all levels of drilling personnel practical instruction and training in well control operations.


One of the keys to the success of MDS has been the combination of good operational practices and the use of case histories. Bill kept very good notes throughout his career and has been able to help men and women learn valuable lessons from his firsthand experiences. MDS Instructors use both current and older case histories in maintaining this approach to teaching.

We also hire highly qualified and experienced drilling personnel. MDS Instructors are able to share both knowledge and experience with students. Students are able to ask questions and glean from the firsthand experience of the instructors. Meet our instructors!


Another key that has helped MDS to be highly successful has been its approach to well control and other drilling problems. Instructors teach drilling problems such as well control the same way that the hole is drilled. They approach each section of the hole differently, explaining the problems and solutions that are unique to that section of hole. Thus, well control and other drilling problems are covered several times during the course and students gain a better overall understanding of drilling problems.