ModuResources group welcomes Deepwater Subsea LLC as a full member of the group


Moduresources group welcomes Deepwater Subsea LLC. as a full member of the group, a unique value proposition for the upstream industry.

SINGAPORE, September 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The ModuResources Group today announced the acquisition of Deepwater Subsea LLC. This next step in the development of the MR Group enables them to expand their services, knowledge and expertise, in creating a compelling value proposition in the drilling industry.

The MR Group forms an independent centre of excellence, focused on improving the integrity of drilling rigs and helping clients maximise value from their wells across the well lifecycle. Deepwater Subsea brings to the MR Group their comprehensive domain expertise of subsea equipment, Blowout Preventer (BOP) compliance and their Real Time Monitoring platform (Janus24). Being able to combine services such as rig inspections, well engineering & intervention, well control and industry training and Real Time Monitoring is unique in the industry and will create a deeper understanding of how to improve safety, operational efficiency and the performance of drilling and well operations.

“The integration of Deepwater Subsea in the MR Group is important for the Group, but even more so for our clients,” Leo Nagtegaal, Chairman of the Board of the MR Group, explained. “We found in Deepwater Subsea the partner we were looking for. Over the last six years Deepwater Subsea has developed into a leader in the field of BOP and well control equipment, also offering advanced Real Time Monitoring and Analytics for its clients. Combined as a Group, we are building up a wealth of knowledge regarding inspection data, equipment failure data and wear & tear patterns which is unmatched in the industry. The worldwide network that MR Group and its representatives offer in all parts of the world gives Deepwater Subsea a highway to growth and success worldwide, extending its leadership position in Real Time Monitoring.”

With Deepwater Subsea now being part of the MR Group, it will serve the industry with a combined team of the best surveyors who are supported by strong centres of excellence, applying state-of-the-art inspection tools and methods which can be relied upon 24/7 by our clients.  “Becoming part of the MR Group is exciting for all of us at Deepwater Subsea and with the creation of the global centre of excellence in BOP and well control equipment we see nothing but great things coming out of this,” said Mike Fry, Owner and President of Deepwater Subsea.
“Strategically this is a great fit for us as it will allow us to leverage various services under the MR Group. By being part of the MR Group and combining our subsea expertise, BOP inspections, subsea training and Real Time Monitoring platform we will be, capable of delivering operational excellence to our clients globally.”

“This is only the beginning of our ambitious growth strategy to successfully support our clients in creating more value out of their wells and continuously improving efficient operations of drilling rigs. Digital transformation is often seen as an objective in itself. However Real Time Monitoring and Analytics are an enabler, a means to achieve a far better result for our clients. The MR Group is determined to invest significantly in this technology and  further enhance its functionality as well as expanding its application beyond subsea equipment, i.e. applying it to critical drilling/marine equipment or to Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) operations. We will be working closely with our clients to create these new solutions,” Duco de Haan, Group CEO of the MR Group, said about the new potential. “We are very proud to see Deepwater Subsea and its entire team joining the MR Group and we welcome them as part of the MR family.” 

The MR Group of companies continues to build and invest in a better and safer industry.

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