Rig Inspection & Safe Environment Course

IADC Rig Inspection Training

The number one rig inspection course fully accredited by IADC. Covering drilling, lifting equipment, well control power plant and safety on drilling rigs both on- and offshore.

ModuResources Rig Inspection course, accredited by IADC, is now offered as a Virtual Instructor-Led Modular Designed Course programme. The planned global schedule for 2023 can be downloaded here.  It blends the qualities of Instructor-Led Classroom training, with the convenience of a Virtual Classroom. Offering condensed and cutting edge interactive training sessions, designed and facilitated by Industry experts, in an easily accessible digital format. Virtual Instructor-Led Training, allows participants to collaborate with each other and provides a similar level of engagement as in-person training, with the benefit and convenience of training in any location.

Target Audience

All personnel involved in drilling operations, including new to industry recruits, drilling engineers, new to drilling superintendents and drilling supervisors roles and personnel involved in the supply chain and logistics of rig operations will greatly benefit from this virtual short course.

Course Outline

RISE – Drilling
Topics: Derrick/Mast, Drawwork, brakes, Crown and Travelling Block, Swivel,
Rotary Table and Top Drive.
 6 Hours
RISE – Lifting Systems
Topics: Crane, General Lifting, Winches, Jacking System and Marine
 6 Hours
RISE – Well Control
Topics: Ram Preventer, Annular Preventer, Accumulator, Choke and Kill
Manifold and High Pressure Mud System
 6 Hours
RISE – Power Plant
Topics: Hazardous Areas, Diesel Engine, Air Compressor and Switchboard
 6 Hours
RISE – Rig Safety
Topics: Dropped Objects, Safety and Environment
 3 Hours

Course Content

  • Conduct a basic visual rig inspection using a defined format
  • Identify major items that may impactsafety and operational capability of drilling rigs
  • Describe the main criteria and main items of rig equipment including drawworks, top drive or rotary table
  • Recognise indications of overall drilling rig condition and maintenance status
  • Identify standards used in the drilling industry (e.g. API) and their application to drilling equipment
  • Introduction to Rig Inspections and equipment measurements
  • Identify rig equipment and understand safety principles
  • Understand operational rig systems
  • Foreseeing and lowering risk
  • Impacts and risks on critical equipment
  • Links between Safety and Inspections
  • Impact of inspections on uptime
  • Equipment maintenance and the effect on Operations
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Effective communication of findings

Online Certification

Assessment is central to our modular courses, which is driven by competency.
Participants who successfully complete the Virtual Instructor Led modules and theory assessment after each module will receive a ModuResources Certificate of Attendance. Upon successful completion of the entire course, an IADC accredited certificate will be issued.

For information and to view the Rig Inspection & Safe Environment course schedule, click here.